A list of very useful resources you may also want to check out.

  • The Alliance of British Drivers used to be the Association of British Drivers when I knew it. It was choc-full of useful information, news and comment on the driving situation in the UK. I’m happy to see I wasn’t the first to think of a positive points system.
  • The Highway Code is obviously the first place to learn to drive properly, especially if you’re a muppet.
  • Fight Back With Facts is an enlightening site correcting the misleading claims of various official and government publications, documents and propaganda.
  • Speed Camera Report provides some detailed analysis of the real effects of speed cameras, which rather unsurprisingly reveals them to have no effect on road safety. They are simply revenue generators and a well hidden straw man that allows authorities to pretend they are addressing safety concerns while stealing your money.

I’ll continue adding to this list while trying not to stray too much from the main message of this site into my other pet hate – the speed camera scam. But, that said…

“You can’t measure safe driving in miles per hour”