We Drive On The Left. Simple….?

…Apparently not. Anybody with a decent knowledge of how to drive correctly on a motorway can understand the simple directives in the Highway Code to keep to the left hand lanes when not overtaking slower moving traffic.  It would seem that there are very few people on the roads today with a decent knowledge of how to drive correctly or the Highway Code.

This is possibly the worst example of a lane-hogger I’ve yet experienced.

Motorway Morons

It appears that drivers want to turn any motorway, regardless of the number of lanes, into a 2-lane carriageway. It’s misleading to call out “middle lane hoggers” when in fact they’re “next-to-outside-lane hoggers” – it just happens that the next to outside lane on a 3 lane motorway is the middle lane. You give these morons a 4, 5 or even 6 lane motorway and they’ll still sit in the next-to-outside lane all day.

How to fight them

Abuse is necessary. We plan a series of products including hi-viz motorcycle jackets, rucksack covers, bumper and window stickers with customisable chastisements (rude or polite) above the simple positive message that “We Drive On The Left”!

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