Proposed products, and how you can help

We intend to introduce a range of products designed to allow drivers who know how to drive point out to others, who don’t, what they’re doing wrong. Our main bugbear is lane etiquette, where traffic flow control methods fail to deal with the core issues and simply address the symptoms.

These products will include:

  • Bumper and windscreen stickers with customisable messages
  • Rucksack covers with customisable messages
  • High (or low) visibility vests and jackets with customisable messages

The messages displayed will be as polite or rude as you like, for example “You can’t always be RIGHT – [We Drive On The Left logo]” or “Don’t be a RIGHT c*nt – [We Drive On The Left logo]”.

Something like this:

We would love to hear your ideas for slogans and from any manufacturers of stickers and motorcycle clothing. Email us at