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Cutting people up makes you an ar5ehole. Are you one?

We all get annoyed by idiot drivers (the trend seemingly that they’ll be driving large German manufactured vehicles) who either think they are above everyone else or simply do not care enough about others to give a hoot – but there is one thing that really gets my goat more than anything else!

It’s not those who don’t indicate so I’m sat there waiting for them to pass but who then turn off before hand. It’s not necessarily those who sit in the outside lane. It’s not those who think getting one vehicle ahead in a stationary queue of traffic will make any difference. It’s the arseholes that pull in 3 feet in front of you after passing you on the motorway and then slow down or hit the anchors!!

We’ve all heard of tailgating and it’s incredibly dangerous as any quick change in conditions can result in a vehicle going up the arse end of the car in front because they don’t have enough reaction time to stop themselves.

When someone effectively cuts me up, even when I’ve put enough space between me and the car in front, it pisses me off. Look in your damn mirrors! If you think the vehicle behind is close, it is – continue your overtake (I care not) and pull in further down the road so I don’t have to alter my speed numb-nuts.

Please don’t be an arsehole, use your head and mirrors before pulling in front of another vehicle. General rule of thumb – if you cause another vehicle to have to alter their speed you are in the wrong.